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Miguel Neiva

ColorADD Founder
“Wanting to make the world better place alone is not possible and it is not funny at all! It was at IES in 2011, when I participated in the 1st edition of ISEP that I learnt to write the word "entrepreneurship"; where I validated and adjusted my vision of what would be the beginning of an innovative path in promoting a more accessible and inclusive world for all. Ever since, IES has been a reliable partner, available to share and consolidate this Social Entrepreneurship journey. On top of it, because organizations are made of People, I owe them so much because of what I have learned (and still do) and because they didn't let me do this path on my own - the one of wanting to "do good" - and it only makes sense like this!”

Sérgio Ribeiro

Planetiers CEO and Co-Founder
“Sometimes we get lost just focusing on the impact. Other times we get lost just focusing on the business. IES helped me to connect these two dimensions and gave me the tools to work them as one.”

Celmira Macedo

EKUI Founder
“They say that who wants to go faster goes alone, but who goes further goes with IES and its team. I did so and will continue to do so. Gradually I became the crazy woman dancing alone into a leader. The children and adults to whom EKUI has changed their lives, thank you.”