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We promote a virtuous cycle conducting and producing research with real-world impact that feeds into our learning experiences, namely through:

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AMP – Social Innovation Hub

The objective of the “AMP - Social Innovation Hub” project is to co-create a strategy to foster a social innovation in the region. As for, the project aims to involve the 17 municipalities and define the regional priorities for the three-year period 2020-2022. 

The process comprehends the following steps: 

  • Identify the strategic priorities where social innovation can play a relevant and complementary role to traditional interventions;
  • Create the conditions for the creation of a social innovation ecosystem capable of generating and sustaining initiatives to solve local and national level issues;
  • Sustain a supra-municipal and multi-disciplinary strategy for social innovation for the Porto Metropolitan Area through identification and training actions.

Third Way (T3W)

Third Way (T3W) is a research project that aims to develop a new curriculum that supports and promotes Social Enterprise as a destination of choice for European vocational and higher Education graduates. 

The project has the primary aim to create innovative and accessible learning programmes that support understanding and awareness of social enterprise.  

It has the broad aim of narrowing the divide in understanding between traditional business curricula in Vocational and Higher Education and the growing sector of social enterprises.


This research project aimed to develop an impact assessment framework for the EDP GROUP. As part of its social investment policy, the EDP Group promotes and supports a broad range of community initiatives. 

Over EUR 20 million per year, this investment is spread over a wide range of Initiatives in nature, purpose, entities and geographies, with contributions ranging from a few hundred euros to tens of thousands of euros, distributed among financial resources, contributions in kind and working time. 

The EDP Group decided to draw up a study that, in relation to initiatives supported by the EDP Group and respecting the LBG methodology, would allow it to develop its community investment strategy and to deepen the decision-making, monitoring and evaluation ...