We are a Global Impact Business School that brings together extraordinary people who want to solve the biggest societal challenges of our times!

Who we are

We educate leaders and organizations to get beyond better, beyond profit and beyond their impact.

IES-Social Business School is the first Business School focused on Social Innovation that aims to inspire and build capacity on impact agents, solving neglected and important societal problems through scalable, innovative and sustainable solutions, regardless the organizational framework!

  • We don’t believe in masters - our students know more than any one expert, so they are the basis of our learning model
  • We work with practitioners - all our tools need to have a practical application
  • We push people to change the world - everything we do needs to be inspiring and a call to action
  • We are where we are most needed - our model is community based and our approach is people centred
  • We use the collective intelligence of our network – The community is an extension of our learning process and an important asset to produce change

Our Vision

We believe in a New Economic Order where organizations prioritize value creation for society, regardless of their legal form - Impact Economy!

Our Partners

We are a growing community that relies on very special partners.
They are tireless people and organizations, always pushing us beyond our organizational boundaries.

Institutional Partners

  • Insead Business School
  • CM Cascais
  • Insead Alumni

Honorary Associates

  • Fundação EDP
  • Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian

Associados Premium

  • Abreu Advogados
  • Águas de Portugal
  • Accenture
  • Fundação Manuel Violante
  • Nova School of Business & Economics
  • Torke CC

Our manifesto

We believe in you.
We believe in your potencial to change the world since day one. 

We laid the first stone in this ecosystem. The one that we are all proud of today. We committed to a vision, we triggered debates, we brought people together, we started a movement, we built the path to the unknown. But there’s more to come!
That is why we are pioneers, disruptors, trendsetters and ambitious believers, always looking for an impact in the world.

We believe that you are the change.

The greatest challenges of today require bold, fearless and impactful leaders who can change the world for the better.
We are the Business School that empowers and inspires people to create an impact in the society. This means to help entrepreneurs, managers and leaders to ride a journey of a lifetime – bringing impact to their lives, to their businesses and to the society. We are here to help you rise, shift and lead for impact!

We do not believe in masters but we do work alongside the best.

This is why we stand for collective intelligence as the source of knowledge and learning. We are here to bridge the artificial gaps across sectors, experiences and beliefs.
We are a community that embraces diversity, informality and candour, as a force for good and improvement. That is why our community is our gem at the core of everything we do. Our campus is where you are, overcoming obstacles, facing roadblocks and celebrating achievements. We want to take you to next level. Beyond your impact.  Are you ready?

Our team

Carlos Azevedo

President of the Board of Directors and CEO at IES-Social Business School, Carlos is a University Professor and author of several books on Social Innovation such as “Managing Nonprofit Organizations - the challenge of social Innovation”, “The Social Entrepreneur’s Guide to Changing the World” and “Governance Manual for Nonprofit Organizations - the leadership challenge of social innovation”. Carlos is curious and loves new challenges. He is addicted to reading and he is passionate about details. Has a problem with messy places and takes Marie Kondo’s “Konmari method” very seriously.

Nuno Victor

Co-author of “RDISS - Sustainable Social Initiatives Development Framework”, Nuno worked 9 years at a northern non-profit organization as Head of Department of Innovation and Sustainability and supported other social sector organizations in the Oporto district as management consultor. With a degree in Business Administration (Portuguese Catholic University – Porto), his passions are not only numbers. He’s a technology curious, a music addicted, loves wave-riding sports and does not miss a movie from the Star Wars franchise.

Margarida Soares

Head of Product
Born and bred in Alentejo, gradually exploring the rest of the territory. From Scenography (EAAA) to Law School (FDUL), theatre and choirs, Hospitality and van adventures, finds harbour in promoting Impact Economy literacy. Green ambassador through cooking & living. Does not believe in borders so far.

Rita Ferreira

Head of Communication and Marketing
Marketing and Communication rule Rita's world! Her life's mission is to get things done in the most creative way while creating real world impact. Rita holds a bachelor's degree in Science of Communication: Journalism, Press Office and Multimedia (FLUP), and a master's degree in Marketing Management (IPAM). She loves to spread smiles and laughter around. Only by unusual things happening to her the world can go round. There's always a brand new story to tell. Just ask her, you're in for a laugh - we guarantee.

Francisca Lencastre

Community Manager
With a degree in Social Education from the Porto School of Education and currently studying Management of Development Cooperation Projects at the Portuguese Catholic University – Porto, Francisca is a proud Northern woman. Boavista Football Club fan since her first breath, has a special talent for accents, loves going to music concerts and asking questions. Lots of questions...

Maria Fernandes

Project Management and Operations
After working in hotels, a startup and a bank, Maria found her passion in Social Innovation and is determined to help change the world. With a undergraduate degree in Hotel Management (ESHTE) and a master's in Management with specialization in Entrepreneurship (Católica-Lisbon SBE), Maria is a born optimist 99% of the days and has the habit of not giving up and trying out new hobbies. You can find her running along the Tagus River, training for the next half marathon!

Mariana Reboleira

Operations and Analytics
While studying Management at Nova SBE, Mariana soon found out that knowledge on business and economics should be used to create sustainable communities. From the social enterprise to the non-profit organizations, she has been navigating the Portuguese impact world and hopes to keep both discovering and inventing it! Loves to take long walks, sing when nobody is listening and search for new ways of living more eco-friendly (go vegan!). You can most likely find her at some farmers’ market in Lisbon or deep into Trello boards.

Martina Romanello

Project Manager
Martina is a very talkative Italian woman who is in love with food and traveling. Martina has a dream: to change the world. Her two passions are Law and Social Innovation. Martina holds a bachelor's degree in Law from the University of Naples Federico II - she was always very curious and eager to understand the way legislation works so that she can fix laws that do not. Martina grew up in a Volunteer Association, "Gioco, immagine e parole", bringing to life several impact projects from the age of 18. In 2018, alongside with her association, she founded Art33, the first cultural hub in the Naples region. Impact & Martina Romanello: a forever love story.

Frederico Fezas-Vital

Community and Communication Strategist
Restless, curious, and with a sense of mission that surpasses his own capacity of perception and understanding - this is Fred. Graduated in Law from the Universidade Católica Portuguesa, Fred also studied Marketing Management at ISG, Project & Leadership Management at INSEAD, IESE and Heriot-Watt, and Positive Leadership at the United Nations University, in Costa Rica. Seeking to maximize purpose from his life path, in 2007, Fred founded TERRA DOS SONHOS - his greatest pride, a project that inspired people to see the world as a world of possibilities that transformed his life and the life of many others - this was the point where his life definitely changed course. In 2011 he attended the first ISEP (INSEAD Social Entrepreneurship Programme), a programme promoted by IES and embraced Social Innovation, until today.

Our faculty

We have a wide pool of national and international experienced trainers and mentors in our programmes.

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