Impact Management Beyond Action

The Future of Your Impact Career

The pressing social and environmental issues humankind is currently facing are forcing a change in the Economy. To balance financial sustainability with a positive Impact on all the stakeholders including our Society, companies, and organizations need to evolve and become more adaptive. By creating the Impact Management Beyond Action (IMBA) our aim is to give you the knowledge and tools to effectively manage organizations in an Impact-driven economy.

The Programme

The IMBA is set to be entirely online, through a virtual learning environment that features classes, group workspace, community engagement, and even team building activities. It will provide the platform to deliver a 360-degree learning experience, that combines faculty lectures, class discussions and debates, case studies, Impact managers testimonials, and hands-on application in real-world problems for real-world Impact.

It will feature a common first track of general, Management and Strategy for Impact, including modules such as Management 101, Hybrid Paradoxes, and Competitiveness and Strategy. The common first track will then be followed by three possible tracks of management specialization – Disruptive Innovation for Impact, Sustainable Finance for Impact and Marketing & Communication for Impact. The programme has a permanent practical application of the subjects, ranging from self-paced weekly assignments to a final real-life team challenge. You can customize your learning experience and navigate a range of different possibilities and trends. You'll be able to choose two different specialization tracks, as long as they're not happening simultaneously.

The IMBA has 3 intertwined dimensions: Knowledge, Practice, and Emboldenment. Knowledge includes the theoretical contents of the programme, given mainly through the modules. Practice is about having hands-on experience and applying the tools to real-life challenges. Emboldening is what brings class and network together, exploring self-awareness, leadership style, team bonding, and emotional intelligence.

Meet the IMBA faculty. For more information, download the IMBA booklet at the end of the page. 


Candidate's Profile


  • Managers or entrepreneurs from impact-driven organizations;

  • Managers who want to shift their organizations or careers towards the Impact Economy;

  • Intrapreneurs: entrepreneurs who want to transform their organization (from within) through Impact and Social Innovation;

  • Anyone who wants to transform organizations (from within) towards the Impact Economy.


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Meet the IMBA faculty.


01. When is the application deadline?

The applications close on the 13th of january 2023.

02. How do I know if I have been selected?

After submitting your application, we will review it and send an email letting you know if you have been selected. 

03. Is the application fee refundable?

Yes. If you are not selected, we will refund the application fee (200,00€). 

04. What is the discount policy? Is it possible to get a payment plan?

We offer 3 different payment plans:

  • Pay in full and get a 20% discount;
  • Pay in 2 times and get a 10% discount;
  • Pay in 4 times and get a 5% discount.

Please contact us via email at and request your preferred plan. Discounts are not cumulative.

05. What do we mean by "alumni"?

Anyone who has completed an IES-SBS programme before. To get this discount, fill the signup form letting us know which programme you were a part of. 

06. Do you offer scholarships? Until when can I apply?

Not at the moment. 

07. What is the programme schedule? Is it held in English?

The IMBA will start on the 2nd of March, 2023 and end on the 20th of May, 2023. You’ll have classes twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6 pm to 10 pm. The programme will be online and held in English. For detailed info, download the IMBA booklet at the end of the page. 

08. What is the expected workload?

Besides the scheduled classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 6 pm to 10 pm, you should expect around 4 hours during the week for programme work and study. 

09. Can I select more than one specialized track?

Yes, each participant will only be able to choose two tracks, as long as they're not happening simultaneously. You can attend Sustainable Finance for Impact and Disruptive Innovation for Impact or Marketing & Communication for Impact.

10. Is it possible that one of the tracks might not open?

Please consider that there is a minimum number of applications for a track to open. In case your preferred track doesn’t meet a minimum number of applications, you’ll be reassigned to the track you choose in second place.

11. Can I change the track I signed up to attend?

Yes, if you do it during the first three weeks of the programme and as far as it does not impact the minimum number of applicants to keep the track open. 

12. Is it mandatory to attend all sessions and deliver every assignment?

It is highly recommended that you attend all sessions and deliver every assignment. The IMBA is structured sequentially and is designed to be a progressive and collaborative learning experience. The progression within this programme depends on several evaluations that are mandatory. 

13. What is a Final Challenge?

For the Final Challenges, participants are expected to solve a real-world managerial problem as part of the practical dimension, resourcing to the theoretical component of the programme. These challenges will be based on the partnering organizations' main difficulties. 

14. Is this programme equivalent to a traditional MBA (Master of Business and Administration)?

No it is not. The IMBA - Impact Management Beyond Action is an online fast-track and multi-track executive training programme held by IES-SBS. Every student will receive a final certificate at programme completion. 

15. Are any discounts cumulative?

Discounts are not cumulative. Discounts are also not cumulative with scholarships.

16. Do you have questions and want to talk to us directly?

Contact us by call, email, sms or whatsapp at +351 96 789 11 76 or at We are here to answer all your questions!