Impact Bootcamp

Do you want to build your own Impact initiative and change the world? Welcome to our Community! 


Do you want to have purpose in your work? Are you looking for an inspiring experience alongside exceptional people, who, like you, want to bring their ideas to life and solve societal problems? Welcome, we were waiting for you!

The Impact Bootcamp is a 3-day intensive programme that gives participants the opportunity to develop new Impact initiatives based on the societal problem they want to solve, defining their business models and implementation plans.

The programme balances teamwork with moments of networking, sharing, and fun. Over 10 sequential sessions of theoretical exposition and practical application you and your team will build an innovative and robust solution, with mentors' support.

"If you have a dream that your heart wants to fulfill, you know that this dream would bring happiness to many people, and you think that it can never come true because you are just a grain of sand on a huge beach... Do an IES-SBS Bootcamp: this is your beach!"

Maria Teresa Penas
Porto Bootcamper

Download the Impact Bootcamp booklet here!


What is the Bootcamper profile? 


  • Entrepreneurs developing projects at the ideation or revalidation stage;

  • Intrapreneurs: entrepreneurs who want to transform their organization through Impact and Social Innovation;

  • Aspiring entrepreneurs, who still don't have a clear idea for an Impact initiative;

  • Shifters: entrepreneurs who want to shift to a career in Social Innovation and Impact.


1. What is the application deadline?

The applications are open up to 15 days before the Bootcamp starts.

2. How do I know if I have been selected to participate in the Impact Bootcamp?

After submitting your application, we will review it and send you an email informing you if you have been selected. 

3. Is the application fee refundable?

Yes. If you are not selected, we will refund the application fee (35,00€).

4. What is the programme schedule?

The Impact Bootcamp is a 3-day programme, from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm, starting on Friday and ending on Sunday. This is an intensive and immersive programme, and the same goes for its agenda.

5. Is it mandatory to attend all sessions?

It is highly recommended that you attend all sessions. The Impact Bootcamp is structured in sequential steps, which are essential to the comprehension and consolidation of the methodology.

6. Can I apply without having an exact idea of the initiative/project that I want to develop?

Yes, you can. This programme is designed for 4 different profiles, including people who want to develop an initiative, but who still do not have a clear idea.

7. Can I apply with a team? Do I get a discount?

Yes, you can apply with one or more people, up to five members are allowed per team. Each member gets a 20% discount on the tuition fee.

An Impact Bootcamp team should have 3 to 5 members. So, if you apply with someone else, you must welcome at least one more member to your team. But fear not, this process is very simple and we'll find you a good match among the participants. It is important to note that each member of the team must complete the application form and the tuition fee is individual. 

8. Can I apply individually?

Yes, of course! At the beginning of the programme there is a designated time to team up with other people according to your interests and profile.

9. Which platform(s) are we going to use during the Online Impact Bootcamp?

Don't worry, 'cause even before the Impact Bootcamp starts, we will send you a Starter Kit with all the information you need to know and give an introductory technical session to introduce you to the platforms and show you how to work with them. At that moment, you will have the opportunity to ask all your questions. Our team is always ready to help you!

10. What can I expect from each session of the Impact Bootcamp?

The programme balances teamwork with moments of networking, sharing, and fun. Each session includes the presentation of concepts, models, and practical tools to be applied by each team to the projects, with mentors' support. Get ready for an Impact Bootcamp that has the potential to change your life!

11. Are there discounts and payment facilities?

Yes, there are!

Get to know our discount policy here:
1) IES Alumni: 10% off;
2) Life Boost (unemployed; students; those who are not studying or working at the moment): 20% off;
3) Impact Team (sign up with one or more people): 20% off for every applicant's tuition fee.

Disclaimer: discounts are not accumulative. 

You can't aford to pay the tuition fee in one go? No problem, we'll help you with a payment plan (max. 3 months). Contact us via e-mail or via mobile phone +351 96 789 11 76.

12. Do you have questions and want to talk to us directly?

Contact us by call, email, sms or whatsapp at 967891176 or at We are here to answer all your questions!