Beyond Leadership Intensive Programme

A ride of a Lifetime – becoming the next IMPACT LEADER!

The BLIP is a 1-week learning experience focused on addressing your most pressing leadership challenges. As for, IES has built an experience to maximize your learning on leadership for impact by getting access to thought leaders, diverse experts and seasoned academics. In matter of fact, we want participants to act, think and reflect leadership as a force for impact in the society through the alignment of personal, organizational and societal behaviours.
In order to do so, this experience is designed to increase the confidence of participants, to help them develop a leadership style and to take them to the next level - building healthy and impactful organizations!
Ultimately we are aiming at empowering impact leaders through a variety of creative and growth mindset methods.

The leaders for Impact!

The BLIP’s class size is limited to best enable participants to drive their own and their classmates’ learning and development. As for, the application procedure is designed to select a diverse and executive cohort. This includes:

  • Impact CEOs
  • Senior executives from private and public foundations
  • Impact investors and Philanthropists
  • Board members of public, private and social organizations
  • Senior executives from companies (across departments, from CSR to Marketing)